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I know there's some great training videos...

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About thegatesofzion

Full Name:
Keith Boynton
Overseer - Non-Profit Organization dediccated to providing services to the disabled

The Gates of Zion is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to teaching others how to make a difference in their local communities by “showing people how to empower their local communities through non-profit organizations” that help provide products and services to people who need assistance.

However, these non-profit organizations are “NOT 501C3” government controlled non-profit organizations.

Most people (is 99.9% most people?) aren’t even aware that there’s another legitimate type of non-profit organization available.

And why not?

Sad, but true, our federal government only sanctions the teaching of programs that they endorse, i.e. 501C3 non-profit organizations. This other available option, is a legal alternative that DOES NOT give the government any control over the affairs of the organizations that uses it.

Slowly but surely, government institutions are trying to invoke control of many of our country’s institutions. Many people, including our organization, doesn’t want to see this happen.

Government intrusion into our personal affairs means less and less freedom to do and to think as we please. The thought police are gearing up to try and stop anyone who dares to not take the politically correct route of not standing up and taking a stand for what you believe is right, and taking the governments pacifist position of live and let live.

The alternative to a 501C3 organization can be found in the very next section of the IRS Tax Code after Section 501C3. This section of the IRS Tax Code gives organizations that establish themselves under this section:

1) No yearly reporting requirements to any agency of either the Federal Government, or State or local governments. Every year 501C3 organizations are required to provide the federal government with a list of items that have to be reported every year.
2) There are no fees to pay ever unlike 501C3 organizations.
3) There is no loss of freedom of speech, unlike 501C3 organizations that are forbidden from speaking out against the very same government that granted it tax exempt status in the first place.
4) Unlike 501C3 organizations, section 508 organizations get to keep their confidential information about their contributors private.
5) All records and bookkeeping are private. In fact, under Section 508 of the IRS Tax Code there is a $10,000 fine imposed on anyone who asks to see the records of a Section 508 organization.

So, are Section 501C3 organizations a conspiracy? Maybe they are. Maybe they aren’t. I don’t know. But there’s one thing I do know. Knowing what I know now, I’ll never recommend anyone to ever establish an organization under Section 501C3 of the IRS Tax Code.

Now here is where this information can get you in trouble. 99.9% of all attorney’s, CPA, accountants, bookkeepers, etc. who’ve received their government licenses to practice their profession have never been taught anything about Section 508 of the IRS Tax Code.
And this actually makes sense. Section 508 of the tax code applies to non-profit organizations. 99/9% of the people getting their government approved licenses are going into professions that are “for profit” organizations.

Why should these people be burdened with learning about a Section of the IRS Tax Code that they will never use?

Along with all the advantages of a Section 508 non-profit organization, there are also tremendous tax advantages available to those who establish Section 508 organizations. Perhaps this is the main reason why the government does not sing its praises.

And with the invention of the internet, it’s now possible to create organizations that are fully automated that require little human involvement whatsoever.

If you’re a business owner and you want to make a difference in your local community, and if you were to establish a Section 508 non-profit organization for your local community, you’ll also create a tremendous amount goodwill for your personal business.

Business customers will value their relationship with you more because they’ll know that you’re not just interested in making a profit with your business but you’re truly interested in making your community a better place to live in and to work.

For more information on how you help create non-profit organizations that help provide needed services to those in need, then contact our office directly at (925) 429-3115 or send us an email at [email protected]

To read the complete profile for The Gates of Zion visit our website at I’m looking forward to hearing from you.


Keith Boynton, Overseer
The Gates of Zion
Providing Services for the Disabled
Since 2003

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