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Teen beat to death at house party.

'm a father, so I have a question to all other fathers out there. If you had the chance to do something about this, what would you do to those kids that did this? ...

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Immigrant shootings in Sweden

This happened over in Sweden, and there was a bunch of them. They suspect only 1 man, and they suspect he did it because all the people were immigrants. I think the tide is starting to turn and ...

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What if no one came?

Hypothetically speaking of course, what if there were a major election in this country, and absolutely no one voted? NO ONE?? Is there anything in the Constitution, or even in political law books, ...

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Making your own

A lot of the guns on our streets, legal or otherwise, are converted replica's. Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't converting a replica kind of count as making your own gun? I'm asking simply to ...

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Getting back into guns again. I've been a decade or so out because of legal reasons, but it's time to get back in the saddle again for personal reasons. A lot has changed, so there's a lot to learn, that's why I'm here. Seems to be a lot of smart, interesting folks here that I can pick up some tips from.

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