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Some good tricks to getting rid of cosmoline

Ok well I got have had some recent experience with lot's O' Cosmoline. So My SKS was packed in it, and when I asked ppl what to do to get it off, they reccomended stuff like boiling it, like ...

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What kind of .40 S&W Ammo is best to be cycled through a new Springfield?

Im looking at Fiocchi .40 S&W, CCI, Remington UMC I think it's called, and Federal. I dont trust that WOLF stuff nor Seller N Bellot

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One hell of a shitty story when buying a gun

Here's the Background of the situation, on Jan 5th 2009 I engaged in a contract to buy my first Handgun, I went to the new Chico Gunstore called Action Shooting (hunting and Sporting goods) it's ...

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Hey Greasy, Whats up?

How has that new job been treating you?

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Tactical Operator for God, EMT, Firefighter, EMT Proctor,

I love firearms, just wish my state would too. Dang Liberals. Hello, my name is Michael/Mike. I am a person who love's to make people laugh and enjoy being a good friend. Sometimes I can be mischevious when not supervised, just kidding, no I'm seroius. I like to spend time with friends, have been said to be creative, a good listener, compassionate, down to earth, and protective when necessary, but mostly I try to be a good friend. I am very simply entertained, I enjoy competing in the Scottish Games, eating good foods, drinking with friends and being with great company. I enjoy listening to others and just being in the moment. I live my life a day at a time because lifes too short to worry about all those things that are out of your control. It is pretty hard to be shy around me, I usually crack peoples shells quick and get them talking and laughing. Thanks & Take Care, -Mike-

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