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Taurus Pt140 Millinium Pro

Good for CCW or a Duty Weapon

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Ruger Mark 3 22/45 target model

A nice little pistol

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Nagant m1895 gas seal revolver

An interesting bit if Russian history

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Colt 1911al Series 70

My favorite carry gun.

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No .22 lr ammo.

Is the lack of .22 long rifle ammo nation wide or just here on the East coast? I've been dry for monthes here in Kentucky and haven't been able to find any on the net. I never thought I would see ...

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.17 HMR for Coyotes?

Does anyone have any experiance with the .17 hmr for coyotes. I dropped a fox this morning with one and I've thought about trying it out on coyotes. Smaller holes mean more money for the pelt. Any ...

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Four more years

What do you think? I say in 3 years we start promoting SamD for our next P.O.T.U.S. and Greasy as V.P. How about it guys, Are you ready?

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Mossberg or Remington

Been thinking about getting another shotgun to keep at the house, Should I go with the Mossberg 500a or the Remington 870. Strictly a house gun. What do you think?

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