30 story building in 15 days...

Pretty amazing technology. I know that I am going to offend some members here, but the unions would never allow this. Hey we all have a right to work and unions are a necessity, but some archaic rules must go...

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I watched a documentary two years ago on China's military training.. Not what i expected to see at all, much more compassionate than i would have expected, also absolute perfection is the only standard.. Anyone watching Battalion level exercises where everyone moves in perfect unity knows what im talking about.. Then saw a news scroll yesterday that were upping our Pacific fleet from 52 % of the fleet to 60% of the fleet..

China has become an unstoppable power.. The sheer numbers of them entering the middle class is mind boggling.. I've heard comparisons that say it's the equivalent of what we did in the mid fifties to sixties...Except multiplied by 40 to 50 times.. Bottom line here is if they want our oil there going to take it.. To make matters worse if you look at their cooperation with Iran, and their actions in Africa, it's pretty easy to see that the only reason we haven't had major issues with the Nation in the past is our dependence on them for A) our debt, and B) out sourced products.. Ya think this is going to end well.. I hate to say it, but im afraid it's going to end however China wants it to end..

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