Bulletproof Vest VS. Sniper Rifle

Bullet Proof Vests: http://www.zahal.org/groups/buy-bullet-proof-vests

the following movie shows a ballistic test
conducted by zahal against one of its
bulletproof vests. the bulletproof vest
consists of a kevlar iiia vest, anti*trauma
panel and a level iv plate. the mentioned
components combined are able to withstand
and protect the carrier from most calibres
shot from both handguns and rifles.

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thats nice, im sure that will still knock you on your ass and take the wind out of you, plus a few broken ribs, but that sure beats the other option. Wonder how much these run, and if he hit the strike plate or just the kevlar....makes a big difference, looked like he missed to the right of the plate which is even better news about the kevlar...sweet vest.

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