Burning Bibles by US Troops: Get the real story here

Geez the mass media twisted it around again. Fucking Commy agitators, let's call them what they are...


5 years 44 weeks ago, 11:27 AM


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Set my blood to boiling, sorry POS for a president.

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5 years 43 weeks ago, 12:32 PM


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I agree Nitris. Who would of thought that the very book that helped build this great country would be put second to a book that has second world so screwed up. Resepct the koran my ass. Lets see if their going to be angry regaurdless of what we do as Christian Americans, we aught to give them a really good reason and just drop a bomb on them. Oh wait that would make us no better than them. Maybe we just need to unload a factory a King James on them. The truth the way and the light will prevail even at the end of times. We will see how they act when the seven angels with the seven wraths of GOD is released.

5 years 43 weeks ago, 12:47 PM

greg az

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Least i sure hope we are.. A card carry Christian in "almost any" Islamic country can be punished by death.. The very act of drawing a cartoon of Muhammad is a death sentence... We could go on at length here.. bottom line is in some ways they are smarter than us.. Least they know its a religious war.. We refuse to admit that as it might inflame sensibilities.. I'm cool with American Muslims.. But where was there indignation of the radicals.. If.. and a big one.. "IF" American or any moderate Muslims would come forth and denounce sharia law, and radical Islam then fine.. Not seeing that happening guys..

Consider this.. and honestly as a Christian i don't want to be a hate monger.. That being said we have to pull our head out of Arse and face facts... Take the underwear bomber that was going to drop a plane on Detroit.. CHIRSTMAS.. duh..I watch a lot of news, and this wasn't reported as a religious related event till some time later..

a man has to hold his word, hold his beliefs, and hold a good sight picture.
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5 years 44 weeks ago

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