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8 years 35 weeks ago, 1:44 PM


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this is a very cool rifle and I have talk to this guy over the phone, very nice guy.

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8 years 34 weeks ago, 3:44 PM


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Very cool,when i saw this i knew you would like it.

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7 years 29 weeks ago, 12:25 PM


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Unbelievable what shots people are making nowadays

6 years 6 days ago, 11:39 AM


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nice shoot...my record is with the 12,7 barret norwegian model.....1447 meters on a 30 cm target.....too hitt with the norwegian made multipurpes haufoss amunition.Just both myself an 338 trg rifel,i like that mutch better than the 12,7 barret rifel.goes better,lighter,better trigger and so on...But i like the 12,7 barret recoil better,the 338 kick faster and harder.What kind of 338 rifel did he use here???

6 years 6 days ago, 12:59 PM

greg az

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I stoped at my friendly neighborhood dealer last Thur to deliver that case of .22 bricks i had from Brothers collection..The one round i have in abundance was 22, and needed an extra 5K like an extra hole (thinking about Sams joke.. to funny) anywhere in my anatomy..

While im there a guy is looking at one of the bricks, i have a pic of these and they are cool looking, white with mil spec block print .22 ball (i know on 22?) ammo.. this is on every box and every case.. We get in a conversation and turns out he's BIG TIME into .22 target shooting.. Here's how big time.. He showed me the new stock (McMillan) that come in for his bbl.. yep bbl's.. His rifle has two interchangeable bbl's . I believe he said one was 14 and the other 16.. twist..and guess they change bbl (based on ambient temp i guess) on a regular basis..

This was one of those things that i "sorta know" about.. least i've read about it, and knew a retired A/F MSGT who had gone to one of the Olympics in (i think not sure) 56.. Don't feel like Google.. think this was either Japan, or Australia, think Tokyo.. (man i own this huh.lol) anyway he was on the A/F team and had also shot at Camp Perry, this guy was maybe the most serious / hi end distance shooter I've ever listened to.. He wasn't bragging just stating facts..

Gloria was waiting in the truck, so i couldn't ask him half the questions i wanted to.. He told me the bbl were octagon, but can't remember who he said made them.. The stock he was picking up was his third..(for the same rifle).. Now i wish i would have gotten his phone number, or asked him to come on here.. like to know what sort of trigger he's using etc..

Here's what blew me away and started the conversation.. He's looking at the ammo i had brought in. I told him that (according to what i had been told) this was the military .22 stuff that was used for training and also at Camp Perry.. Thats when he started telling me how many times he'd been there (again not bragging..just facts) then he tells me that he might buy a couple bricks for "fun".. i said something about maybe shooting matches with it.. He does this sorta indulgent laugh.. like when a teenager tells you he knows about women.. Says well they might be ok, but when you get to "better" ammo it's packaged in individual pockets.. I told him that i had never seen 22 packed in seperate rounds.. Tells me yeah, it's weighed and measured to some millamicronano amount.. Get this.. lying im dying.. says he pays anywhere from 26 to 28 dollars per box of 50 rounds.. and he's REAL happy with the price compared to what some of his competitors are shooting..

I said something about putting all the rounds inside my fingernail.. He tells me that they use a target sheet that has 5 bulls. only one round per bull.. but guess the size of the bull is only a fraction larger than the .22 round.. tells me that the "starting" point (this is 25 yds HIGH end optics single shot 22) is one hole groups.. Again not bragging just a fact..

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Posted by: luckybychoice
8 years 35 weeks ago

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