Elmo Apologizes!!!

My 2 teenage daughters love Katy Perry!! So I have 2 listen to her. She's got some ok songs out, but anyway, for those of U who didnt know, She was 2 B a guest on Sesame Street, but was cut out of the clips, because she wore very low cut tops, showing (for a children's show) too much cleavage. According to the Sesame Street Spokesperson. Ms. Perry, basically told them to get over it, stating, "Great things come from breasts!! Milk comes from breasts, and most of the children that watch this show, should have no problem with looking at things that we're made just for that reason. U show vegetables on this show dont you?? U show cookies on this show dont U?? Whats wrong with Breasts??"

This is Elmo apologizing for his "Male" actions with Ms. Perry, the day of the shoot!!!

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7 years 15 weeks ago

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