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I think this sign language shit is gay. I really don't like people thanking me for my service, as I don't feel it's anything special, but I do appreciate the opportunity to thank them for their support. I used to feel very awkward when someone said it to me, but now I reply with either "Thank you for your support", or "It's my pleasure and honor to serve". I tell you what is a great feeling, seeing an old guy with a WW2, Korean, or Vietnam Veteran hat on and thanking them for their service. Especially the Korean War guys. It really is the Forgotten War and it makes me very proud to be able to thank those guys because I don't care how much you may not like attention, those guys truly have not received the recognition they deserve after such a brutal war in such terrible conditions. It's actually kind of funny to me to see the almost confused look on the face of an older guy when a staff sergeant in uniform approaches them to thank them for their service. When I went to Illinois on leave, I actually blew off my father-in-law while he was talking to me to walk across the street to shake hands with a guy wearing a WW2 vet hat. He had a CIB, purple heart, airborne wings, and 101st pin in his hat. For anyone who doesn't know what all that means, he was an infantry paratrooper with the same division as the Band of Brothers unit, and was wounded in combat. That's heavy-duty shit right there. Those are the guys who make me feel about two inches tall when they get the drop on me and thank me for my service first. Those guys saw more death and destruction than I could posibly imagine, and yet they shake my hand? Talk about feeling unworthy. Oh well, on to another subject, this one's making the goddamn computer screen blurry.

"I have always been a soldier. I have known no other life. The calling of arms, I have followed from boyhood. I have never sought another." From The Virtues of War, by Steven Pressfield.
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I have to agree

as a soldier I was always proud to serve. But never liked the extra attention. My point is you don't have to thanks us but damnit don't let people and our officials bad mouth us and throw us under the bus. Being in there service your friends are more closer than family. On my brothers 2nd deployment to Iraq his best friend lost both his legs to a IDE, he was in the tuck behind my brothers. Everyone in there Platoon went to see him 1st thingwhen they got back. How many people at your job would do the same. Damn you're right runaway this post does make the screen blurry.

America is not at war. The U.S. Military is at war. America is at the Mall. If you don't stand behind our troops, PLEASE feel free to stand in front of them!
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