Gun Collection Complete : Civil War firearms

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Guns it is ! What an Australian Gunsmith can do - Mate !

  • Put a price on these? To give you an idea of value... Individual sets in this collection have been purchased for up to $20k (Aussie dollars) each - with no single collector acquiring more than "just a few" of 43 sets made by this well known gunsmith during the last 20 years.

    Australia's R.A. Talbot gained recognition and fame as a supplier of firearms for Olympic games competitors.
    The replicas? Cost of wood can be around $500 per set -
    each set keeping the gunsmith busy for 3-4 months at a time.

    Now retired and in his eighties R.A. Talbot expects to produce few more
    (if any) like these.

    In South Australia, an newly awestricken collector persuaded Mr Talbot to reproduce all he'd ever created in his civil war revolver series.

    The result is a unique collection of 14 sets complete with accessories and their equally fine handcrafted display cases. All working replicas, All made of Wood - and that includes the bullets, screws and SPRINGS ....
    (even young SC himself didn't go that far. Did he?)

    Prior to the full collection being assembled, an offer of $250,000 was made for the 13 sets available at the time. As the 14th and final set was being completed by Mr Talbot, health problems forced his client to downsize. Since then this superb collection has been consigned to a vault. And the man responsible for the building of an amazing collection genuinely mourns the fact that the guns are no longer on display.

  • So Who dares...
  • A fabulous opportunity to acquire the collection now awaits anyone with the money to invest in such an unusual creation.

  • Please don't ask Me about guns !
    I am merely the pianoman friend of the owner, who has asked me to promote
    their sale. As a simple admirer of beauty myself, I am quite certain that these lovely things will take your breath away too ...

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    8 years 4 weeks ago, 12:29 PM


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    Secretary of State
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    Jan 2010
    Cottonwood Heights, Utah, United States

    but wooden firearms aren't really my thing. Concidering Austrailia's draconian
    gun laws I imagine wooden guns and bullets are all that is avalible.

    Change you can truly believe in comes from the barrel of a gun---------------------------------------------------------------------------------Ron Paul 2012----Vote the bastards out!---------------------------------
    8 years 4 weeks ago, 1:34 PM


    OozeRat's picture

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    Feb 2010
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    I think I want something that goes boom when I pull the trigger and I dont have to worry about it catchin on fire.

    Nothing is as risky as certain failure.
    ozpianoman's picture
    Posted by: ozpianoman
    9 years 48 weeks ago

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