Gun concealment with belly band holsters

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Gun concealment with belly band holsters

Concealing a firearm in a comfortable and accessible way has always been a problem for gun owners. Since the advent of the pistol, police officers, bodyguards, and even civilians have tried to figure out a system for carrying concealed weapons effectively. Just about every conceivable location on the body has been explored and exploited for undercover use; but the concealment vs. accessibility dilemma has continued to harass gun owners- it was always that you had to choose one for the other. But now there’s a gun holster that actually delivers on all fronts. It’s the belly band holster. And for the gun owner who relies on being unnoticed, it meets all their criteria for deep concealment, comfort, and accessibility.
Comfort: The belly band holster is one of the most comfortable holsters available on the market. For those who have spent large amounts of time carrying concealed weapons, the term concealment could easily be translated into: “uncomfortable.” Weather you have your gun flapping around in your pants cargo pocket, or hanging from a harness under your arm, the constant rubbing and weight of your firearm inevitably begins to wear on your patience. The belly band holster virtually eliminates these problems with one single piece of fabric that wraps around the body; no straps zigzag across your shoulders and upper back, and no IWB holster rides into your hip every time you sit down. The belly band holster also provides lower lumbar support for operatives who have to stand for long periods of time while on duty.
Accessibility: With the ability to wear the belly band holster in any position, there are countless choices for how to wear your weapon. It can be adjusted to ride high on the chest, or low around the waist. A gun can be placed just below the arm as with a shoulder harness, or in the back, side, or front of the pants. It can be worn cross draw or as a strong side draw. Recent creations of the belly band holster allow you to store multiple items such as flashlights, knives, pepper spray, and even two guns at a time. Literally any configuration is possible with the belly band holster.
Deep concealment: Most gun owners agree that the most important part of carrying a concealed weapon is not allowing others to see it. Nothing is more embarrassing than a gun in your waist that shows itself when you lean over, or a bulge in your shirt in the unmistakable shape of a gun holster. Sure, the look on people’s faces when they realize you’re carrying a weapon is priceless; but for the professional, deep concealment can sometimes be the difference between life and death. The belly band holster allows for deep concealment because it’s one of the only holsters that allow a full range of adjustability for tightness and location. You can pin your firearm down wherever you want it, virtually making it invisible under your clothing.
With high marks across the board for all the important categories of firearm concealment, the belly band holster will be the perfect addition to your armament. When your life could depend on it, you should choose the best.'s picture
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