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6 years 7 weeks ago, 1:04 AM


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I dont mean to sound like a girl, but this almost brought me to tears. And any of U guys out there that says it didnt do the same to you, are f*#*%ing LIARS!!!!! This is why I am an active member of the NRA, and also an active member of Friends of the NRA in my community....... This is, (Im gonna say it, sorry) FUCKING WRONG!!!!! I PROMISE to do my part to NOT let this happen to us, United States Citizens. I will always fill out the Jury ballots that the NRA send me, and will walk and/or carry a sign, walk naked if I have to, down a street to get someone's attention to the fact THAT THIS IS WRONG!!!!!!!! WTF????? Thats all I have left in me to say that I am able to post....

“When firearms go, all goes. We need them every hour.”- George Washington
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6 years 7 weeks ago

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