The many advantages of a biometric handgun safe

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The many advantages of a biometric handgun safe

When first purchasing a firearm serious questions need to be considered about proper storage and quick access. Most people who own firearms keep them in a gun safe because of the potential threat for accidents. But in an emergency situation, when having quick access to your weapons is a must, safes like this are as much of a hindrance as they are a help.
The key is to purchase a safe that gives you the best of both worlds- Secure containment when you don’t need your weapons and immediate access when you do. Having these two options will allow you to effectively protect your family from themselves and from intruders. If this level of mental freedom is important to you, the PBS-001 Locksaf Biometric handgun safe offers the perfect solution.
Hand gun safes certainly keep dangerous firearms out of the reach of curious children, but they also act as an effective barrier to keep your firearms away from YOU. The problem with regular gun safes is they use complicated combinations of numbers for access codes. Some safes even employ complex locking mechanisms that require a whole memorized routine just to access them. Needless to say, in an emergency situation this can be a major hurdle to effective action. Imagine an intruder kicking down your door at 2am as you wake up half confused. Do you think you would have the mental faculty or motor skills to quickly go through a complex routine to get into your safe? Probably not; you would still be working on getting it open as the intruder makes off with your possessions- thus thwarting the whole purpose of having a gun in the first place. Thankfully, fingerprint recognition safes allow you to open them with the push of a button. How?
Through fingerprint recognition software that is programmed specifically to you. Just press your finger on the biometric fingerprint pad and just like that, the safe opens up and allows you access to its contents. If that same intruder were kicking down your door today, you would be taking your gun out of your safe before he even reached the living room; and be on him before he could threaten your possessions or your family. In these types of emergency situations, you need to grab your gun as your moving. And the PBS-001 Locksaf Biometric handgun safe is one of the only safes that allows you that kind of rapid response.
Person-specific access also means that your children or thieves would never be able to open it. Unlike regular safes that have locking technology that dates back to the 19th century, fingerprint recognition safes are virtually impenetrable. As curious and persistent as children are, you can leave your firearms at home and know that your children will never be able to handle them.
If quick access along with guaranteed security are important concerns for your home, the PBS-001 Locksaf biometric handgun safe is just the solution you’re looking for.'s picture
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