PP-19-01 "Vityaz" submachine gun (Russia)

The PP-19-01 "Vityaz" is based on AKS-74U compact assault rifle and shares about 70% of parts with the parten weapon. The bolt system is of simple blowback type, and gun is fired from closed bolt, ultilising standard AK-type trigger and safety / fire selector subsytems. A special magazine housing is attached below the receiver, which accepts proprietary double-stack magazines, made from polymer. Two magazines can be clipped together using special steel clip for faster reloading. PP-19-01 utilises AKS-74U-style side-folding skeletonized butt and tangent-type adjustable rear sight. Left side of receiver is fitted with Russian-standard side rail that will accept quick-detachable scope mounts with various sighting equipment. A modifiied version of PP-19-01 (Vityaz-SN) is available with additional Picatinny style acessory rails, left-side charging handle and additional safety lever on the left side of receiver.

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