Really Dumb Shit on wheels



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Road rash

I'm dang near bleeding just from watching that!

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Ha, Road Rash

Had a friend meet me at his front door one day walking all stiff on one side. I ask him whats up and he turns his stiff side to me.

Hamburger, Ground Chuck, Hash all come to mind as a description of what I was looking at.

Seems he was riding a Vespa of all things, doing 45 mph and was coming up to a 90 degree turn so he grabs the front brake and leans into the turn. Ended up sliding straight up the road about 100 feet on his side while wearing swimming trunks. Thats it, nothing else, starting at his wrist all up his arm, arm pit, side, hip, thigh, ass, lower leg, ankle, heal and top of his foot. Did a freaking Superman the whole damn way until the last few feet where he kinda flipped and flopped to a stop.

We were 16 at the time and the Vespa was owned by John Red's father who had been over in Italy after the war until he retired. So he went back for visits more than a few times and brought this thing home one of those times.

John shows up a few days later and he has all these bruises. I guess his father got made, John got mouthy and his father pretty much handed his ass to him. John was kind of big for his age and very mouthy so I really didn't and still do not feel his father was out of line.

Rick would never get on another bike again until the day after my son was born. We had rented two Honda ATV Trikes from U-Hual. Everyone gets a ride, I have my Yamaha 250 MX (before YZ) with a 360 jug and piston on top of it. Out riding around and drinking, Rick finally gets on one and we head out into the woods. About 100 or so yards before you come back out of the woods on the other side of the dry lake bed I take off getting it. Rick has been doing fine so why not.

I'm sitting there after about 10 minutes Ricks girlfriend asks where is he. Not sure, give it a few more minutes and I'll go look.

This guy on a Suzuki 185 comes flying up and asks if we had a guy riding a Trike with us and if so to get the truck and follow him.

We get out 50 yards into the woods, 30 yards off the track is a Bulletin Board facing 275. The Trike is twisted all up and I hear this moaning.

I run over and find Rick laying on the ground with his eyes squeezed shut and his right knee is as big as a Soccer Ball sticking straight out, his shoulder is all bruised up and scratched and his Helmut has a dent in it.

Seems the dip shit kicked it down two gears a opened it up causing the front wheel to come up and instead of making the turn he drove into one of the Wooden Poles holding up the sign.


To this day he will not even get near a bike...

No sir, he fell into that bullet... Never argue with a stupid person. They'll just drag you down to their level and beat you with experience!!
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if you have ever been into racing anything with wheels,or x-sports you have had some of this stuff happen,but some is just BAD ideas,or no thought.glad none of its me or anyone i know some is really bad!.do wish video was available to me and my friends when we were young dumb and full of cum.i coulda had my own segment in there haha.

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