Runnin' the hounds

Grew up spending saturday nights on old man Arnwine's porch listening to the hounds running the coyotes.
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Brings back old times

We'd go out by the creeks and rivers and let the hounds run the coons. We got to where we could recognize the hounds by their voices. God, that was fun! I think the hounds enjoyed it every bit as much as we did.

Where I grew up nobody ran coyotes with hounds; they used greyhounds for that, then when they'd run the coyote down they'd turn loose the killing dogs. Bid, badass dogs, either rangy with a mouth like an alligator, or thick, massive dogs. Anybody could pet the greyhounds, but the killing dogs were damned dangerous to everybody, even their owners.

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has been the big 'lazy' kind, I have never had one that could hunt past their food bowl.....Oh well! They were my best friends just the same.

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greg az

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This doesn't happen very often.. but sometimes, maybe once every couple of years when driving from Tucson to Rosevelt lake (4-5 miles of back roads and small towns) I would see a pack of wild dogs.. The second generation ones.. "ferril" (sp course) weren't to bad as they had a fear of man like any wild animal.. but those that were abandoned or misstreated.. NOPE.. no fear of man.. and the most scary thing.. for real guys, you can come across.. The survivers were as Bob said.. Killing dogs.. ears all torn up.. nobody in the pack cept some really bad and mean dogs.. i usta watch them spread out to hunt.. Nothing safe from them, including man if you were unlucky enough to get caught in the open..

I had heard about them for years, but first time i saw a pack it it really scared me.. I remember reading an article years ago in one of the major gun mags, a guy and his son were chased up a tree.. he shot and killed two or three.. i remember (and any of you guys who happened to read this will to) that he said he had put a number of 44 mag rounds in one of them before it went down.. As i remember some one heard the shooting and rescued them.. Only thing good is i havent heard of, or seen a pack for a decade or more..

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