Scottsdale Gun Club, I wish I was close to this place!


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we use that simulator at the academy. its fun as hell. theres a person behind you on a computer that imputs your actions and the system acts upon your actions. its really fun. gives you a little rush

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SGC.. Well done.. I'm guessing we've all seen dozens of "saftey" videos.. This one is not only comprehensive but spot on perfect..

Builtsortatough.. Yep we had the first generation video trainers at our academy that we shared with AZ highway patrol down in Tucson.. COTA.. and all of ours were shoot no shoot scenarios.. Your watching an inmate in Bed and and a nurse comes in with a covered tray all of a sudden whips around and pulls the covers off the tray.. I miss this one as i blew it.. put a pair center mass.. she had hypos on the tray.. Guess it got the point across that was 24 years ago..

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