Sig Sauer p232 .380 Review

Sig Sauer P232 Table Top Review


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Sig p230-232

I shoot and carry this pistol at times, it happens to be one of my brothers many Sig's.

This is not a joy to shoot, if you put 40+ rounds through it without stopping you will know this yourself for a fact.

Even with Hogue Finger Groove Grip or Crimson Trace grips on it, it is no joy shooting. It hits back hard into the web of your hand and after 20 rounds you know you have been shooting, after 40 you probably are going to have a very sore area on the heal and web of your hand, if not a bruise.

It is definitely a solid defense weapon, but not a gun fighting weapon...

Over all I would suggest the p238 or p239 in it's various calibers....

I will say this, you can hit center mass with every round in the weapon out at 25 yards with ease if you have been shooting for a while.

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Sig's ok, but sure no Raven.. Daisy did you see the show were talking about our did you turn in at you usual 8 pm geezer time after taking the geratol, metamusel cocktail.. are ya awake now..

hate this my friends.. Were heading out the door in about 45 min, and i should put on pants and stuff.. think it might be a law... HEY Daisy...that 1911 need oil yet.. and yeah Lee im betting the seats .. hmm broken...later dudes.

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