Tucson Rifle Club's CMP-sanctioned John C Garand Match

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John C Garand Match

Tucson Rifle Club's CMP-sanctioned John C Garand Matches are held on the third Sunday of every month. Subject to seasonal adjustments, squadding starts at 0630 and the match itself starts at 0700. Normal finish time is 1130 or noon. The cost for the match is $10; Juniors (under 18) and Active Military shoot for free. Surplus ammunition may be purchased on the line for $10. Free loaner rifles are available if requested prior to match day; club ammunition must be purchased and used. At this match we strive for a relaxed, friendly atmosphere with the emphasis on learning and having fun. They are an excellent introduction to highpower shooting and a way for experienced shooters to just come out and shoot without the pressure of regular competition.

Our Garand matches are actually two matches and a clinic all rolled into one.

Shooters with as issued rifles compete against each other. The main prize is bragging rights, but the competitor with the highest score overall has a choice between a coupon good for one free match or a gold CMP award pin. The High M1 Garand Score receives a silver CMP Award Pin. The High Junior receives a bronze CMP Award Pin.

Shooters with any other centerfire rifle with iron sights chambered in 8mm or less come out for practice or just to have a fun day at the range

New shooters of all kinds come to test the highpower waters, to qualify to buy a rifle from the CMP, or to get some one-on-one coaching from the more experienced shooters on the line.

The 50-shot course of fire is fairly simple: Five sighting shots followed by twenty shots for score slowfire prone in a time limit of 25 minutes. Next is one 10-shot string of prone rapidfire. Then one 10-shot string of sitting or kneeling rapidfire. Finally, ten shots standing slowfire in ten minutes. All firing is done at 200 yards. The full size NRA SR target with a 13 inch bullseye is used. Each relay fires the entire course at one go so there are only two pit changes.

People have been known to show up and shoot the match with nothing more than the money for match fees and any ammunition needed. But you'll probably be more comfortable if you bring a pencil or pen, eye and ear protection, a comfortable coat or sweatshirt, a glove for your non-firing hand, sunscreen, a hat, a snack, and something to drink.

First-time shooters will receive a CMP Certificate of Achievement by mail approximately two weeks after the match.

For more information contact: Maury Krupp (520) 722-3745 (leave a message after the answering machine announcement in Korean) or email Maury Krupp . Top


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Video Vs. Stop action

Should have ghad the video rolling for such a competition. The static pic's just doesn't cut it. They belong in the picture section of the community? Just my thoughts.

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but that is the way they made it. Nothing I could do.

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