Upper Charging system for Kalashnikov Rifles

I think it is pretty amazing this kid designed this thing at 18 and is now a 19 yr old college student.

This item replaces the original gas tube with a new one that contains a new charging handle and slide. The new charging handle protrudes from the left side directly over the forearm of the rifle at the perfect angle to allow for easier and less troublesome charging. With a slight force in the upward direction from the operator the bolt assembly can be locked out of battery and away from the chamber. While utilizing the tension in the recoil spring a slight downward force on the new charging handle can be applied by the operator to release the bolt assembly forward and chamber a round in an instant. The pre existing charging handle on the right side is now unnecessary and can be discarded. All hardware is included. No gun smithing required. MADE IN THE USA.
Advantages when compared to original charging system:

•Bolt locking system with release
•Built from the finest metals
•Allows for faster reloading
•Easier function for a right handed operator
•Quicker cooling
•Unlike other left sided charging systems, with the Ratchet Charging system you can use your left side optics rail
•Easier Cleaning
•Safety can be engaged when chambering a round (if old handle is discarded)
•Visual safety, when chamber is open while bolt is in locked position
•The operator no longer loses sight picture while loading
•Long lasting black matte finish
•Self cleaning design allows dirt and debris to easily exit the gas tube.
•Easier to clear missfeed
•Unproblematic reloading when firing from the prone position.

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But they soon sold it. After almost getting there finger broken, they have told me it's just not practical. You can just as easily flip the rifle to it's side and put the charge handle.

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