Wolf creek pass.

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Wolf Creek Pass

Wolf Creek Pass, Hiway 160, west of Alamosa, I lived in this area for 36 years. When I was a little boy, my parents would talk about the trucks going over the side of the Mountain!
And in winter months the snow would brake loose from the top of the mountain, in one big avalanch, flushing a truck off the road like a turd down a sewer pipe! Rescue parties would go looking for the truck with long poles, trying to feel for the buried truck.
Back in the 60's, the State built a snow shead, (tunnel) over the worst part of the Pass, and added a "runnaway truck ramp. For some flat landers, if you don't know what a truck ramp is, its a long road about 1/4 mile long, usually built on an uphill grade, the road is doug out about 3 feet deep, then filled in with pea sized gravle.When the trucks braking power is lost,you head to the gravle!!
I havnt heard that song in bout, 25, 30 years! thanks for sharing.


Lyle Hutchinson
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I was a couple years shy of getting my license..Think it was around 61 or so.. First time i had driven on an interstate (not the pass) What i remember most was the big companies had a lot of rigs (just the tractor) parked at the summit.. Pop told me it was due to the gearing.. Always wondered about this, if they still do or what? anyway they would come into this large area that i believe was on the south side of the road, and change out the tractors.. Like that part of old CW song about the brakes, but thinking thats not a good way to go, being buried alive. Considering the brakes and tires from that time im thinking those guys had to have a serious set on em..

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