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Forum topic: 2 years 13 weeks ago - After going to the range for work today a fellow officer and I stopped at a local gun shop so he could look at something in a small 9mm. While I was there I saw what I thought was a Walther PPK, but upon further inspection was actually a PPK/S. ... Read More »

New Walther PK380 w/ laser... Laser slides off rail while shooting???

Forum topic: 3 years 32 weeks ago - I just purchased my Walther PK380 and while sighting in laser, it slides down the rail while shooting? it actually jumps its mount from the recoil? Has anyone else had this problem and what to do? I was thinking of maybe a dab of silicone either ... Read More »

Walther P88ASWalther P99AS

Forum topic: 3 years 51 weeks ago - I am going to receive my new Walther P99AS before the end of the week! Can't wait! Anyone have experience with this firearm? I read that it was designed by one of the original two Glock designers. Read More »

Walther PK380Walther PK380 Failures

Forum topic: 4 years 4 weeks ago - I recently purchased a Walther PK380. I signed up for a Forum through Walther, in Germany. The forum discussion was mostly regarding a failure of the recoil spring after 1000-1500 rounds. Has anyone experienced this? I love the gun so far. It ... Read More »

Walther P22Petite Female - Walther P22 for Personal carry and range shooting?

Forum topic: 4 years 10 weeks ago - Looking at getting the Walther P22 for personal carry and range shooting. Please give me your thoughts on this or any suggestions you may have. Read More »

wlather p22 review

Gun Review: 6 years 7 weeks ago - nice 22lr pistol Read More »

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