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FN Special Police Rifle A1aFN Special Police Rifle A1a

As the name would suggest, it is intended for use by law enforcement agencies, and was one of two rifles (along with one from H-S Precision) approved in 2004 by the Federal Bureau of Investigation for use of by their SWAT teams. This FBI variant has the model name FNH SPR-USG (USG – US Government).

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FN Special Police RifleFN Special Police Rifle

The FN Sniper Rifle is a Belgian manual bolt action sniper's rifle, based on the standard Mauser bolt action, chambered for the 7.62 mm NATO cartridge which it takes from a 5-round box magazine. The FN Sniper Rifle has a 502 mm long heavy barrel and a muzzle velocity of 850 meters per second.

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